One Year Later…

SO, what have we learned in this past year? We have learned that, in spite of a direct attack on our democracy, that we did prevail…at least, on this one-year-ago occasion. We learned that a bloody, seditious attack did not cause the country to come together, despite past experience to the contrary; unfortunately, we are... Continue Reading →

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The language of violence

Adapted from a speech given days after the 2016 election, these words are even truer today. We should "work for peace” – not “fight for peace” … Not only is “fighting for peace” a logically fallacious statement, it also subtly promotes the very idea of violence. The group Grandparents Against Gun Violence urges us to... Continue Reading →

We must protect all freedoms.

This statement is somewhat late in being posted because it is a very difficult statement to post.  It is quite hard to either face the situation or know exactly what to say about it. Over a week ago, the United States experienced one of the darkest days in our young history, when several thousand people... Continue Reading →

Voting as an Act of Love

People generally think of voting in terms of the “right to vote” or the “privilege of voting” (and, less frequently, of the responsibility to vote), but most probably do not interpret voting as an act of love and respect.  In the highest sense, however, voting can be a compassionate and life-affirming act. By exercising our vote,... Continue Reading →

99.9 %

Why are we even talking about “race” – you share 99.9% of your DNA with everyone else on Earth!  There is no “white race” and “black race” or any other division … there is only the human race.  Speaking out against a so-called “racial” divide and hatred is NOT a political issue, it is a... Continue Reading →


Following Mothers Day 2020 (a most unusual Mothers Day), we focus our attention on one of the more interesting commonalities among cultures with respect to mothers: the sound of a child calling for its mother – and the relationship between our human mothers and our Mother Earth.   If we look at the totality of time... Continue Reading →

Of dances, drums and DNA….

Recently, Cultural Crossroads presented an exhibit of “Drums of the World” at a global celebration at a local school.  Cultural Crossroads stresses cultural commonalities among people, starting with ancient man, who created the first music with the human voice and percussion instruments.   The first instrument was likely a drum – and that “drum” was a... Continue Reading →

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