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Why are we even talking about “race” – you share 99.9% of your DNA with everyone else on Earth!  There is no “white race” and “black race” or any other division … there is only the human race.  Speaking out against a so-called “racial” divide and hatred is NOT a political issue, it is a... Continue Reading →


Following Mothers Day 2020 (a most unusual Mothers Day), we focus our attention on one of the more interesting commonalities among cultures with respect to mothers: the sound of a child calling for its mother – and the relationship between our human mothers and our Mother Earth.   If we look at the totality of time... Continue Reading →

Of dances, drums and DNA….

Recently, Cultural Crossroads presented an exhibit of “Drums of the World” at a global celebration at a local school.  Cultural Crossroads stresses cultural commonalities among people, starting with ancient man, who created the first music with the human voice and percussion instruments.   The first instrument was likely a drum – and that “drum” was a... Continue Reading →

We are New Zealand…

Statement in support of New Zealand: We at Cultural Crossroads are shocked and horrified at the terrorist attack on the mosques in Christchurch.  Hatred and violence have no place in a civilized society.  We stand with the victims and with all peoples of the world against all such acts and the fear and hatred that... Continue Reading →


As these words are written, it is now 11:45 pm on Dec 31, 2018, a time of year when the average person thinks about “New Year’s Resolutions”  -- those sometimes fanciful, sometimes heartfelt desires to be stronger, healthier, better than before.    At this crucial time in the country and the world, we need societal resolutions,. ... Continue Reading →

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