We must protect all freedoms.

This statement is somewhat late in being posted because it is a very difficult statement to post.  It is quite hard to either face the situation or know exactly what to say about it.

Over a week ago, the United States experienced one of the darkest days in our young history, when several thousand people stormed the US Capitol Building. It was the first breach of our seat of government since the War of 1812 – and the first time we have seen US citizens involved.   It felt like watching a news reel from another country. 

The purpose of this statement is not to take sides or to condemn any particular political position, but it is the intent of this statement to condemn violence in any form – and to condemn the idea of an attack designed to impose the “rule of the mob” instead of the Rule of Law.    The United States has been called a “grand experiment” and even Benjamin Franklin said we have a republic “if we can keep it.”   We came very close to losing our republic with the actions of January 6, 2021. 

The United States has a responsibility to the world, not just to our citizens.  If we cannot keep our freedoms, then freedom is doomed anywhere in the world.  If the US cannot maintain civility in government, then civility is doomed elsewhere in the world.    We have stated this before, in other blog posts.

In the US, we have always shown a faith in ourselves and a faith in each other. That faith and our joint hope for the future is love of freedom and a deeply-felt belief that freedom is our right, our birthright – AND the birthright of ALL people, whether they live here or in other lands.

No one is free, or can be free, if we turn to mob rule.  In order to protect our freedoms, we MUST protect the freedom of others.   If not, we all lose.

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