The “Other” 1492 – a world in turmoil

This is a report of a presentation by Barb McAtee, at a "Cultural Conversations" program at the Plaza Library on October 14, 2010: The standard American story of 1492 is a social myth* that has been taught to most grade-school children in the United Sates for many generations.   [*Ed.note: A myth is defined as a... Continue Reading →

Diversity in Religion

Members of the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council formed a panel at the Plaza Library on June 8, 2008, to address the issue of “Diversity in Religion” which was the concluding segment of Cultural Conversations, a five-part series of engaged dialogues on a variety of multicultural topics co-sponsored by Cultural Crossroads and the Plaza Library... Continue Reading →

Code Words- Shortcut or Roadblock?

Cultural Conversations – January 14, 2010 “Communication is more about what the listener hears than what the speaker says.” What is a “code word” and is it an actual word or the context? How do we know if we are using them – or if someone else is? How do we get past the language... Continue Reading →

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