One Year Later…

SO, what have we learned in this past year? We have learned that, in spite of a direct attack on our democracy, that we did prevail…at least, on this one-year-ago occasion. We learned that a bloody, seditious attack did not cause the country to come together, despite past experience to the contrary; unfortunately, we are more divided than ever, even in the face of a pandemic which claims more victims every day.

We also learned, one hopes, that this issue is NOT a political issue—this is an issue that strikes to the very core of our democratic republic. If you have been reading our blog posts, you will see that this is not the first post of its kind.

In the past, we have addressed the issue of freedom (We must protect all freedoms), politics (What is “political” and “nonpolitical” in today’s society?), and how to heal division (MOVING FORWARD TOGETHER: HOW DO WE HEAL DIVISION THROUGH NONVIOLENT ACTION?),

We have tackled how we define ourselves (What is America? What does it mean to be American?) and  (E pluribus unum), and how we find our lost sense of common selfhood. (Finding Common Ground)

We invite you to reread these posts today. Rekindle your intrinsic love of country and hope for the future (which is the promise of the American Dream) and decide, in your own heart, how the country should proceed for the good of all.  Then, work for it—write to your senators and representatives, to the President and even your local officials. 

Make your voice heard now—or it may never be heard in the future.

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