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Why are we even talking about “race” – you share 99.9% of your DNA with everyone else on Earth!  There is no “white race” and “black race” or any other division … there is only the human race.

 Speaking out against a so-called “racial” divide and hatred is NOT a political issue, it is a moral issue and a cultural issue. See our blog post from June 22, 2019 (https://culturalcrossroadskc.wordpress.com/2019/06/22/what-is-political-and-nonpolitical-in-todays-society/#more-411).

Cultural Crossroads does not enter into this topic to “take a stand” on defunding the police or removing statuary from parkways or any other attendant issues.   The stand that we take is in favor of equality (racial and otherwise), in favor of justice (for absolutely everyone), and in favor of freedom (of speech and actions).  In other words, Cultural Crossroads stands in favor of the Constitution – as it is written, not as it has been practiced.  The Constitution, taken as a document, promotes freedom and equality.  To the extent that the governments of this country have ignored those precepts, we are saddened – even outraged; we stand always for the concepts, if not the practice.

It should be a “given” (especially, in the United States) that no one should encounter discrimination or hatred for the color of their skin or their religious beliefs.   Unfortunately, as is all-too-apparent, the actuality of America does not always match the theory of America.   When that actuality falls short, we call it out as hatred and we condemn all actions based on hatred.  By condemning those actions, are we promoting one culture over another or one “heritage” over another?  Hardly.

“Heritage” is a term that is meant to invoke feelings of warmth and belonging and is generally defined as some idea that is transmitted from the past which enriches both the present and the future. If an idea, then, does not “enrich” the present or the future, is it really part of a “heritage” or is it something else?  Is “heritage” only a singular and parochial aspect of a particular culture or is true heritage a concept that is beyond parochialism?

At Cultural Crossroads, we have always held that we all share one incredible heritage – and that is the heritage of the entire world…that everyone who has lived before us is an ancestor – that our cultural heritage has no bounds. This is a unique inheritance that we, as Americans, share.  Regardless of what a blood test may reveal about personal DNA, as Americans of the 21st Century, our lives are enriched by Italian food, the so-called “spirituals” which are the music of the African diaspora, German literature, English common law, Hungarian dance, silks from India and the spiritual philosophy of Japan.   In short, our birthright is the world and is rooted in every time, every place – from Stone Age to Space Age – from Africa, Asia, Europe and the New World.

Make no mistake, this is the birthright of EVERY American, of every nationality or so-called “race” or place of origin, regardless of any attempts to divide us.   Every action which is designed to divide us, whether by race, by national origin or by religion or any other artificial description, is “unAmerican” and antithetical to the concept and the dream of America.

WHY is this still an issue in 2020?


[Image licensed under CC BY-SA-NC}

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