Where are we going? How will we know when we’re there?

We know that societies and cultures change over time.  We have probably all dreamed of traveling through time to the past and wondered at the differences.  Those differences sometimes evolve so slowly, we don’t notice it until after the change has occurred.   When enough people in a society change their ways or change their minds,... Continue Reading →


A personal celebration

The best way to celebrate the 241st birthday of the USA may be to do nothing – to revel in the freedom that we have to commemorate the day in whatever way we feel appropriate.  We have the freedom to gather for fireworks – or to stay home and read a book.  We have the... Continue Reading →

Finding Common Ground

An NRA supporter says: “Only more guns will make us safe from guns!”  A gun-control advocate says: “The more guns there are, the higher the chances of being shot!” A Democrat says: “This administration is the worst thing that has ever happened to the US!”   A Republican says: “This administration is our opportunity to change... Continue Reading →

Iftar Dinner

"Everyday Embellishments" is a blog written by Cecelia Barrow, Cultural Crossroad volunteer and student of the world.  Her mission is "to meet the people of our global community and give voice to those not being heard."  From time to time, she shares her observations on this Cultural Crossroads blog; this piece is about attending an iftar,... Continue Reading →

Faith, Food and Our Future Together

That was the theme for the annual Table of Faiths of the Greater Kansas City Interfaith Council, a signature event that annually brings together several hundred people to visit the booths over some 20+ different faiths practiced in Greater Kansas City and provides a unique interfaith dialogue opportunity.    This post is written by a... Continue Reading →

“Just One Person”

Cultural Crossroads believes in a society of peace and mutual respect and in a shared future for all.   We can change the world. This past week, Cultural Crossroads was honored to be involved in One Community: Together in Solidarity, an event which brought together a multiplicity of ethnic groups, faith communities, nonprofits and government agencies,... Continue Reading →


(Observations from Mary Gibson McCoy, President, Cultural Crossroads, Inc.) As a general rule, opening with a definition is not my preferred literary device and it may even be considered a somewhat “lazy” writing tool; but, some days, it is unavoidable.   Today, the word “juxtaposition” fairly leapt into my consciousness and I could not ignore it. ... Continue Reading →

A Place at the Table

A recent “innovation” in casual dining is the “community table.”  This is a designated table, usually a long table capable of accommodating 8 to 10 diners, placed in an accessible portion of a restaurant.   The avowed purpose of the community table is to provide a space for unaccompanied diners to sit and the idea may... Continue Reading →

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