Living in an interfaith world

Cultural Crossroads holds respect for all cultures, which, by definition, also includes all religions and life philosophies (the term "life philosophies" includes all forms of belief and non-belief, whether that belief involves a deity -- like Christianity or the Baha'i Faith -- or does not -- like Buddhism or atheism). Cultural Crossroads, therefore, supports and... Continue Reading →


Culture As a Sensory Experience

The autumn of the year is a special time for cultural fairs and festivals.   Cultural Crossroads urges you to look around your area, find those special events, and visit as many as possible.  While not everyone has the time or resources to travel the world, everyone can find a festival (usually free or with nominal... Continue Reading →

There is no room for hate

To oppose hatred and violence is not making a political statement – it is taking a moral position. To refrain from calling out hatred and violence is to implicitly condone hatred and violence. Cultural Crossroads specifically calls out and disapproves of racism, hatred, and violence.   We also call upon our leaders to take a moral... Continue Reading →

Changing culture and history with one “tap” on a button…

Our last blog article ( ended with this thought: As mentioned above, when a critical mass of change is reached, society and culture itself changes. Such change should not be undertaken lightly or without notice.   Next time, we will consider the effect of these many incremental individual changes on the culture itself. Those “incremental changes”... Continue Reading →

A personal celebration

The best way to celebrate the 241st birthday of the USA may be to do nothing – to revel in the freedom that we have to commemorate the day in whatever way we feel appropriate.  We have the freedom to gather for fireworks – or to stay home and read a book.  We have the... Continue Reading →

Finding Common Ground

An NRA supporter says: “Only more guns will make us safe from guns!”  A gun-control advocate says: “The more guns there are, the higher the chances of being shot!” A Democrat says: “This administration is the worst thing that has ever happened to the US!”   A Republican says: “This administration is our opportunity to change... Continue Reading →

Iftar Dinner

"Everyday Embellishments" is a blog written by Cecelia Barrow, Cultural Crossroad volunteer and student of the world.  Her mission is "to meet the people of our global community and give voice to those not being heard."  From time to time, she shares her observations on this Cultural Crossroads blog; this piece is about attending an iftar,... Continue Reading →

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