One Year Later…

SO, what have we learned in this past year? We have learned that, in spite of a direct attack on our democracy, that we did prevail…at least, on this one-year-ago occasion. We learned that a bloody, seditious attack did not cause the country to come together, despite past experience to the contrary; unfortunately, we are... Continue Reading →

What is America? What does it mean to be American?

America IS protest.  To be American is to make your views known.  To be patriotic is to stand up for what you believe. The Boston Tea Party was not “civil” or “polite” – and it galvanized a movement that became a nation. In August of 2017, we issued a statement entitled “There is no room... Continue Reading →

Living in an interfaith world

Cultural Crossroads holds respect for all cultures, which, by definition, also includes all religions and life philosophies (the term "life philosophies" includes all forms of belief and non-belief, whether that belief involves a deity -- like Christianity or the Baha'i Faith -- or does not -- like Buddhism or atheism). Cultural Crossroads, therefore, supports and... Continue Reading →

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