Living in an interfaith world

Cultural Crossroads holds respect for all cultures, which, by definition, also includes all religions and life philosophies (the term "life philosophies" includes all forms of belief and non-belief, whether that belief involves a deity -- like Christianity or the Baha'i Faith -- or does not -- like Buddhism or atheism). Cultural Crossroads, therefore, supports and... Continue Reading →

Where are we going? How will we know when we’re there?

We know that societies and cultures change over time.  We have probably all dreamed of traveling through time to the past and wondered at the differences.  Those differences sometimes evolve so slowly, we don’t notice it until after the change has occurred.   When enough people in a society change their ways or change their minds,... Continue Reading →

A personal celebration

The best way to celebrate the 241st birthday of the USA may be to do nothing – to revel in the freedom that we have to commemorate the day in whatever way we feel appropriate.  We have the freedom to gather for fireworks – or to stay home and read a book.  We have the... Continue Reading →

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