Of dances, drums and DNA….

Recently, Cultural Crossroads presented an exhibit of “Drums of the World” at a global celebration at a local school.  Cultural Crossroads stresses cultural commonalities among people, starting with ancient man, who created the first music with the human voice and percussion instruments.   The first instrument was likely a drum – and that “drum” was a... Continue Reading →

We are all needed to bring Peace to the world

In my personal blog, I have written about giving credence to wisdom found in various, even unusual places (https://balancebeams.wordpress.com/2017/08/14/finding-wisdom-everywhere/), but this article deals with the wisdom that can only be found in the energy created by working with our fellow human beings.   By the very nature of working together, we create strength and wisdom beyond... Continue Reading →

E pluribus unum*

With so much discussion and rhetoric revolving around immigration and the foreign-born these days, it is instructive to look at more than just the emotional aspects of the topic.   If we view the societal and economic effects of immigration on the United States over the years, it becomes apparent that innovation and imagination (long considered... Continue Reading →

Let’s talk!

April 20 through April 28, 2018, has been designated as The National Week of Conversation, with both in-person and online conversations scheduled across the country on a variety of topics.   What is sad is that it seems necessary to have a special time to just talk with each other – but what is hopeful is... Continue Reading →

The search for wisdom begins in childhood

Cultural Crossroads is excited to officially announce the opening of the children’s section of the Human Spirit library collection.   This announcement is accompanied with specific children’s programming, which will introduce area youngsters to the collection and to the treasures of the world’s wisdom and culture.  The children’s section expands the idea behind the Human Spirit... Continue Reading →

Finding Common Ground

An NRA supporter says: “Only more guns will make us safe from guns!”  A gun-control advocate says: “The more guns there are, the higher the chances of being shot!” A Democrat says: “This administration is the worst thing that has ever happened to the US!”   A Republican says: “This administration is our opportunity to change... Continue Reading →


(Observations from Mary Gibson McCoy, President, Cultural Crossroads, Inc.) As a general rule, opening with a definition is not my preferred literary device and it may even be considered a somewhat “lazy” writing tool; but, some days, it is unavoidable.   Today, the word “juxtaposition” fairly leapt into my consciousness and I could not ignore it. ... Continue Reading →

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