We are all needed to bring Peace to the world

In my personal blog, I have written about giving credence to wisdom found in various, even unusual places (https://balancebeams.wordpress.com/2017/08/14/finding-wisdom-everywhere/), but this article deals with the wisdom that can only be found in the energy created by working with our fellow human beings.   By the very nature of working together, we create strength and wisdom beyond... Continue Reading →

One World (Autumn 2005)

South KC Multicultural Festival Longview Community College invited Cultural Crossroads to join in “A Celebrati on of All of Us” – certainly a theme aligned with our own vision. Our “Reading & Rhythm” program of folklore stories and multicultural dances was a great basis for the various performances of dance from different cultures on two... Continue Reading →

One World (Summer 2005)

Magic Carpet Ride  It was a magic carpet ride at “Common Threads – A Celebration of Textiles.” This first-ever event, held on Saturday, April 16, 2005, at the Country Meadows Antique Mall in Independence, focused on how people create textiles and use them for personal protection, decoration, and identification of self and family. As with... Continue Reading →

One World (Winter 2005)

A NEW YEAR, A NEW PROGRAM 2005 On Sunday afternoon, January 23, 2005 Cultural Crossroads will present the next in its series of public programs. “Is this Your new year?” will introduce children from 8 to 14 to the customs of Celtic, Iranian and Jewish new year celebrations, followed by craft stations where each culture... Continue Reading →

A Call For An End To Hatred

Cultural Crossroads expresses deep sorrow at recent instances of hate violence in our midst. These past few days have seen several incidents of ethnic and religious hatred in the heart of the Midwest, from desecration of a Jewish cemetery in the St. Louis, MO, area to murder and attempted murder in Olathe, KS. The desecration... Continue Reading →

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