We are New Zealand…

Statement in support of New Zealand:

We at Cultural Crossroads are shocked and horrified at the terrorist attack on the mosques in Christchurch.  Hatred and violence have no place in a civilized society.  We stand with the victims and with all peoples of the world against all such acts and the fear and hatred that forms the base for such attacks.  We stand, not just with our Muslim friends and neighbors, but with all thinking, feeling citizens of Earth, in opposing hatred in any form and denounce violence as a means of expression.   We stand with you; we cry with you; WE ARE YOU.

We are almost inured to mass shootings in the United States – there are so many, so often, all fueled by hatred, fear and the NRA – that they barely appear as a blip on our social radar.   Every once in a while, a mass attack in Europe causes us to post “I am….” memes on social media in different languages – before that incident slips into the social unconsciousness and is forgotten.

The recent attack in New Zealand, however, is both alike and different from these other American and European incidents.   It happened in a land known mainly for its fairy-tale landscapes and peaceful ways, a land where the police are often unarmed, a land known for the environmental awareness of both the indigenous inhabitants and the now-majority conquerors.   That such a land would be the scene of violence and unleashed hatred seems particularly vile.  That the perpetrator of such an unbelievable act would cite the president of the United States as a “hero” to his “cause” should be a source of great shame to all Americans.

How often will it be necessary  to decry violence and to cry for Peace?  How many times must we shout this out to the world?   The most recent post on this blog (from February 15) was “We are all needed to bring Peace to the world.”  The most recent post on the personal blog of the Cultural Crossroads president (from March 11) is entitled “Love, not Fear.”  Both articles are based upon the idea that, working together, we can achieve a world of Love and Peace, not one consumed by Fear and Hatred.

We still believe in that idea and we call on all thinking people to support the idea that conversation is better than conflict, that love is better that fear, and that the many peoples of the Earth (who are all one race, one specie) can work and live together in Peace.

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