As these words are written, it is now 11:45 pm on Dec 31, 2018, a time of year when the average person thinks about “New Year’s Resolutions”  — those sometimes fanciful, sometimes heartfelt desires to be stronger, healthier, better than before.    At this crucial time in the country and the world, we need societal resolutions,.  Our society needs to resolve to be stronger, healthier, better in order to provide a better world for everyone.  What would such resolutions look like?

WE RESOLVE TO BE A STRONGER SOCIETY: as individuals, if we resolve to build a stronger body, we would probably join a gym and start working out with weights – testing our body against gravity and our will against our past.   The same thing applies to a society.

Our society would be stronger if we worked with the “weighty” issues of our day, if we tested our society against the gravity of the future and our societal will against those parts of our past history when we were “less” than what we know we can be.    Think about what our country could be like if we admitted the wrongs of the past (slavery, discrimination, genocide of the Native population, destruction of the environment), viewed today from the hindsight of future historians, and vowed to live up to the potential of the American Dream … not the “Hollywood American Dream” of a house in the suburbs with a white picket fence, but the REAL American Dream – a society where there is opportunity for everyone and no one is considered “less” than any others.  When we use that measure, we can envision a society where education and jobs are open to all, the environment is protected, and hatred is a thing of the past.

WE RESOLVE TO BE A HEALTHIER SOCIETY: Our society would be healthier if we refused to spoil the earth that gives us our food, if good medical care were available to everyone at a decent cost, if we did not poison the minds of our children with hatred or the waters of our land with toxins.

WE RESOLVE TO BE A BETTER SOCIETY: Our society would be better if everyone in the country was able to view a new year with hope and anticipation, not fear and dread; if every eligible voter was able to access the polls and cast a vote; if every young person who graduates was able to face a bright, open future without crushing debt and with the skills necessary to build a fulfilled life.

Now, think what the world would look like if American society was stronger, healthier and better.   As America goes, so goes the world.   That maxim may not carry the exact same connotation as it did just a few years ago, but the US is still the bellwether of our world, the standard by which all dreams are measured.  If the US is strong and healthy and better, so will be the world.

We can do this … we can take our individual resolutions and join them together to resolve to create a better world.

Let’s do it – let’s make 2019 the best year ever….

….for the best society ever, for the best world ever!




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