There is no room for hate

To oppose hatred and violence is not making a political statement – it is taking a moral position.

To refrain from calling out hatred and violence is to implicitly condone hatred and violence. Cultural Crossroads specifically calls out and disapproves of racism, hatred, and violence.   We also call upon our leaders to take a moral position and to disavow such acts.

What we have seen in Virginia is hatred, not politics.   Statements like “Jews will not replace us” are designed solely to enflame fear and hatred and to separate Americans into armed camps.  Employing words and symbols from the 1930s is a deliberate attempt to recreate the fear that led to war and genocide.    In those days of nearly a century ago, the United States stood proud against genocide  and led the free world to oppose the tyranny of hate — are we now, in less than 100 years, to find ourselves destroyed from within by those same forces?

We call upon all people to back away from hatred, from violence, from condemnation of the “other” –and, most of all, from the Fear that reduces thought to unthinking reaction.

The United States is better than this!   We are all better than this!  Disagree on principle; argue your side of an issue; debate what is best for our society – but use your mind, not your fists.

Remember that this society is not simply one country among many in the world – the USA has, from the beginning, been formed from ideals, not just a collection of historical events.

This is our heritage and this is what the US has to offer the world – hope, unity, a future for all.   Do not let hatred destroy it.

12 August 2017

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